Fir Park, Motherwell 

Not going back!

Visit date: November 2023

This review is helpful for those who have or use a Powerchair


Wheelchair spaces are at pitch level and tucked away in a corner facing the length of the pitch. (The goal in the picture is for pre-match practice and is removed before the game).

View is very poor.

Transport & Parking

Went by train. 

Stadium is a fair way from town centre. Taxi is only viable route.


Could've been easier if Stewards knew their job. Got sent on 10 minute trip round three sides of the ground to get in. (I could see the Steward that sent me round)!


Didn't use the toilet, but it's located about 10 metres from the disabled spaces/seating.


Once inside a very nice lady was available and she escorted me out (the short route) to my taxi after the game.