Toni Macaroni Stadium, Livingston.


Was at the Toni Macaroni recently as a visiting wheelchair bound Hearts supporter.

Won't be going back!!

Nominally well positioned near the half way line at pitch level.

Unfortunately the seats were largely unnumbered and the only way to move about is in front of the wheelchair area.

The stewards made no attempt to control movement, so didn't see any of the first 8 minutes due to people asking stewards where their seats were (and not getting answers, so standing in front of me arguing).

Perpetual movement of people in front of me, often stopping to watch the game.

Second half not much better with the refreshment area at one end.

The final straw. It started to rain. That's when I discovered that the wheelchair area is not covered.

Transport & Parking

Went by bus. Stopped a couple of hundred yards from the ground. 


Level, easy.


Looked easy enough and near entrance/exit. 


Loads of untrained jobsworths. Absolutely useless.